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( 3s ) Nicholas: My name is Nicholas. How can I help you? ( 1m 54s )
Visitor: Hi, I have updated my GoPro 3+ to the latest firmware but now when I connect this to my phantom quadcopter via the usb it goes straight into usb charge mode and no live tv out.
( 2m 56s ) Nicholas: I am sorry your re having a problem with your connection to your quadcopter. I would be happy to help you today. Unfortunately, we do not support third party products and you would need to contact the manufacture of the quadcopter for assistance with this issue.
( 4m 11s ) Visitor: The quadcopter is not the issue as it works fine, and so did the GoPro until I updated the firmware, the camera does this when I connect any usb cable
( 4m 46s ) Nicholas: I completely understand. Does the camera record video and take images without it connected to the quadcopter?
( 5m 40s ) Visitor: Not if I put the usb cable in, it just goes to data transfer and recharge the battery
( 6m 14s ) Visitor: It won't let me switch the camera on
( 6m 15s ) Nicholas: I understand that, but does the camera record videos and take images when it is not connected to the quadcopter?
( 7m 46s ) Visitor: Yes, but I have now removed it from the quadcopter and have connected it to my TV by the usb cable and it won't let me get any image from the camera
( 7m 59s ) Nicholas: I see. So do you have it connected to the TV via the USB cable?
( 8m 27s ) Visitor: Just has the usb display on the camera
( 9m 17s ) Visitor: Yes, like I say this allowed me to view the video via usb before I updated
( 9m 40s ) Nicholas: Thank you. Can you give me a moment to look into this for you? Also, what color is the 3 on the front of the camera?
( 10m 16s ) Visitor: Grey I think
( 10m 32s ) Nicholas: Thank you. So you are trying to playback your videos on your TV?
( 10m 58s ) Visitor: No I want live video output to my TV
( 11m 10s ) Visitor: Via usb
( 12m 8s ) Nicholas: Thank you. Can you give me 2 minutes?
( 12m 26s ) Visitor: Yes no problem
( 12m 37s ) Nicholas: Thank you.
( 14m 27s ) Nicholas: Have you been able to playback live before the update?
( 14m 53s ) Visitor: Yes it worked perfectly before I updated the firmware
( 15m 7s ) Nicholas: Thanks. Can you give me another minute or two?
( 15m 20s ) Visitor: Yes it fine
( 15m 46s ) Nicholas: Thank you. Can you tell me if there are any messages on the TV when you plug the camera into it?
( 16m 0s ) Nicholas: Or does the TV recognize it as a storage device or what?
( 17m 20s ) Visitor: Storage device, like I say the camera won't allow me to switch between the video or photo modes, it just has the usb on the screen
( 18m 11s ) Nicholas: You would need to use a Micro HDMI cable to playback and get live view on the TV from the camera. Or you can use a Micro SD card adapter to plug that into the TV to view your files.
( 18m 41s ) Visitor: Prior to the update it would allow me to switch from the different modes
( 19m 11s ) Visitor: But I didn't need to do this before the update
( 19m 24s ) Nicholas: The update to the Hero3+ Silver camera had some changes to the firmware which changed the way your computer and TV would see the device.
( 19m 31s ) Visitor: Can the firmware not be rolled back?
( 19m 54s ) Nicholas: The firmware cannot be rolled back, unfortunately.
( 20m 33s ) Visitor: So my camera is now useless for what I need it for?
( 21m 27s ) Nicholas: I would not say that. The camera will still record video and you can still have access to the files. I am sorry for this inconvenience.
( 25m 8s ) Nicholas: You still with me?
( 27m 4s ) Visitor: Yes sorry, so I would now need the hero4 to use it as a live video cam or does that have the same issue?
( 27m 35s ) Nicholas: We do not support live playback to any device except the GoPro App. The Hero4 and Hero3+ cameras with the update are set up the same way.
( 28m 40s ) Visitor: So I can no longer have video out
( 28m 59s ) Visitor: Apart from via the app?
( 29m 28s ) Nicholas: You may want to do an internet search. You may find some articles, but keep in mind that live playback is not supported. It never has been. It just sometimes works and others it will not.
( 30m 12s ) Visitor: Ok, and is there no reset for the device
( 30m 38s ) Nicholas: There is no way to get the older firmware version on the camera. I am really sorry again for the inconvenience.
( 31m 31s ) Visitor: Great, I will let people know not to update to this firmware
( 32m 36s ) Nicholas: If they need to use it like they have with the quadcopter you could tall them that. Otherwise the update is helpful for the camera itself. Was there anything else I can do for you today?
( 33m 0s ) Visitor: No that's all, Thanks anyway.
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