iCharger 106B+ 250W 10A 1-6S DC Battery Synchronous Balance Charger Discharger - 115.00 €

iCharger 106B+ 250W 10A 1-6S DC Battery Synchronous Balance Charger Discharger
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1.Capable of handling up to 250W or 10A charge rates. Lipoly, LiFe and Lilo compatible as well as able to charge up to 6 cell packs.
2.The iCharger is famous for its ultra-accurate balancing feature. Each unit is calibrated at the factory prior to shipping! This is a quality precision charger.
3.iCharger 106B+ can charge any type of battery chemistry. Including all popular Lithium battery chemistries (Lipo, LiFe, LiLo), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Sealed Lead Acid, Deep Cycle Lead Acid, Starter Lead Acid batteries and much more.
1.iCharger 106B+ is designed with safety as the number one priority. Numerous cutoff and safety features are offered to the user.
2.Capacity Cut Off – User can set a capacity limit for a charge cycle. The charger will stop once this limit is reached, avoiding over charging of a battery.
3.Timer Cut Off – User set timer limit will terminate the charge process once the allocated time is reached.
4.Internal Temperature Cut Off - Internal temperature sensor and temperature controlled automatic cooling FAN controls the internal temperature and provides intelligent protection. When the internal temperature of iCharger 106B+ is over 60°C(140 F), the output power is automatically reduced by 25%. If the temperature exceeds 65°C(149 F) the charge cycle is stopped.
5.External Temperature Cut Off – Using an external temperature sensor, iCharger 106B+ will stop the charge cycle if the temperature of the battery exceeds user set level.
6.Cell Count - Automatically checks number of cells in a pack to see if this matches user setting before beginning any function.
7.Voltage Protections - The iCharger 106B+ has protection for reversed polarity (input or output), as well as low input voltage.
Balance Charge Options:
The iCharger 106B+ has a built in integrated cell balancer and can be used with three types of lithium batteries (LiPo, Lilo, LiFe). iChargers design uses accurate balancing techniques to ensure that the voltage of each individual cell is the same during charge.Other battery chargers evaluate batteries charge state based on the total voltage of the pack, not each individual cell.Greater control over balance charge setting. Ability to either set to start balance charging when voltage reaches a user set value, or start balancing from beginning or part way through the (Lithium) charge cycle. Feature set balance settings offers greater user control of the charge cycle.
Battery Monitoring:
Unique battery monitor function. Allowing user to monitor battery voltage (per cell), temperature, power and much more while in normal use.This is a unique function that offers options to compare battery performance, check the condition of a battery,as well as establish if the battery is suitable for its intended application.
Storage Charge:
Storage charge function that charges the battery to a user set capacity. Essential for long term storage and care of the battery.
iCharger 106B+ is a true 10amp battery charger. Boasting 250w of power which ensures that 10amps is available no matter what size the battery is being charged.Most “amp” ratings on other charging products available are not an accurate representation.They do not have high enough voltage to deliver the rating with medium to large sized batteries.
Unique Lithium battery expanding discharge program. When an external capacity resistor is connected,iCharger 106B+ produces a maximum discharge power capacity of 170W (@25V/7A).
iCharger 106B+ fan is only activated if the internal temperature reaches high levels or during high current discharge. This reduces noise unless it is completely necessary.
Variable Input Voltage:
iCharger integrated circuitry utilises revolutionary design to use variable input voltage, producing a regulated output to match the
battery being charged. For example, iCharger can charge a 12v battery using a 6v input voltage. This unique circuit design offers incomparable versatility.
PC Compatibility:
iCharger 106B+ is firmware upgradable via its USB connection to a PC.
iCharger 106B+ supports “logview” software. Allowing analysis and display of charge and discharge data.
This gives you an extremely accurate comparison and analysis of battery condition and performance.
Input voltage range: DC 10.0-18.0V
Charge current range:0.05-10.0A
Discharge current range:0.05-7.0A
Maximum charge power capacity:250W @ input voltage > 13.5V
Maximum discharge power capacity:20W
Maximum extern discharge power capacity:170W @ 20V/7A
Current drain for balancing:<300mA
Balance accuracy:<10mV
Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count:1- 6 series
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count:1-17 series
Pb battery cell count:1-12 series (2-24V)
Battery setup memories :10
Intelligent temperature control:Yes
PC Connect:USB port
Dimensions (L X W X D):134 X 83 X 25mm
Packaging Included:
1X 106B Balance Charger/Discharger
2X Aligator clips
1X Charge Cable
1X Banana leads
1X Temp Probe

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