Micro Scale M6 Mini Steam Engine Stirling Engine Model Science Education Toy - 115.00 €

Micro Scale M6 Mini Steam Engine Stirling Engine Model Science Education Toy
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Micro Scale M6 Mini Steam Engine Model Science Education Toy

This mini steam engine is made of brass and stainless steel. The boiler is brazed and has a mini safety valve and a lubricant cup
It uses liquid alcohol fuel

Item Name: Mini Steam Engine
Model: M6
Size: 120*65*53 mm
Weight: 225g
Boiler capacity: 21 ML
Material: bass,stainless steel
Cylinder diameter 4.5 mm,stroke 8 mm
Drive shaft 2 mm

Startup instructions:
1. Unscrew the safety valve above the boiler and add water with a
syringe. Be careful not to exceed 3/2 of the boiler capacity. Make sure
there is space on the top of the boiler to generate steam.
2. Unscrew the small oil cup on the steam pipe and add oil to the oil.
3. Add fuel to the alcohol lamp with a syringe. Then start to heat the boiler.
4. When heating the boiler to generate steam, turn the flywheel
clockwise in the direction of the flywheel to start the engine.

1. add water can not fill the boiler.
2. after the boiler is heated and the engine is working, you can not
touch the model with your hands, pay attention to the high temperature!
3. When the engine stops working and the boiler is cooled, the fuel in.

Package Included:
1 x Mini Steam Engine

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