Tarot MT1104 4000KV Brushless Motor 3s For Multirotor - 9.38 €

Tarot  MT1104 4000KV Brushless Motor 3s  For Multirotor
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Tarot MT1104 4000KV Brushless Motor 3s For Multirotor

Brand Name: Tarot
Item No: MT1104
Item Name: MT1104 4000KV Brushless Motor
Height: 17.5 mm
Axial Diameter: 1.5 mm
Outer diameter: 14 mm
Installation propeller diameter: 5mm
Stator diameter: 11mm
Stator end thickness: 4.0
Stator end: 9
Weight: 5.3 g
Motor poles: 12
RPM/V: 4000KV±5%
Voltage: 3S
Battery: 3S lithium polymer
Mounting pattern: Φ14×12.5mm

1.Suit for 120/130 and other high-end configuration multirotor, the proposed four-axis flight control weight of 180 g (single pull up to 120 grams).
2.Extremely low center of gravity, using 0.20mm ultra-thin high-efficiency silicon steel (primary propeller shaft folder structure) so that it can get the best concentricity guaranteed.
3.A highly efficient bulk active pad designed to achieve lower operating temperature means higher productivity.
4.MT2204 brushless motor with excellent balancing performance, base mounting holes motor 2mm, compatible with mainstream rack-mount on the market today, retain the appearance and consistency of conventional motor, high floating coil protection.

Package Included:
1 X MT1104 brushless motor (Φ14 × 12.5mm)
2 X M2 × 6mm round head sleeve screws
2 X M2 × 4mm cup head hexagon screws
A pair of 3.0x3.0 inch propellers

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